Bicycles In The Moonlight – Album – CD


Bicycles In The Moonlight

Debut album on CD from Stony Rises, presenting the songs of songwriter Owen Ellemor.

From the volcanic planes of Western Victoria, Australia, emerges this moving collection of songs about being human in this world, being a part of this world and how we shape this world, well and poorly. They explore the inner world of the songwriter as well as the broader political landscape.

The music is an original creative blend of various styles – roots, rock, folk, blues and surfy twang. Featuring electric and classical guitars, electric and weissenborn lap steel.

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Bicycles In The Moonlight out now

Stony Rises’ debut release is Bicycles In The Moonlight. It is a heartfelt album of songs by songwriter Owen Ellemor, exploring the landscape of place, belonging and being. The music is a soundscape influenced by folk, rock, blues and roots traditions. The album was recorded in 2017 at Unmuzzled Studios in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia.

The album title comes from the song of the same name Bicycles In The Moonlight. The song explores the theme of growing up, through the recollection of childhood memories, and the awakening effect of remembering. The songwriter remembers riding bicycles on country gravel roads with friends in the light of a full moon.

Bicycles In The Moonlight is available as a CD and is also available as individual MP3s or as the collection of MP3s.


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