Stony Rises is the project of songwriter Owen Ellemor. Owen spent his childhood in the heart of the volcanic western plains in Victoria, Australia and has lived his adult life on Victoria’s rugged South West coast. His songs have a spatial awareness with laconic expression, reflecting the raw nature of Australian folk and rock music traditions, with an introspective as well as a broader political edge.


Early 2017, Stony Rises headed for the studio to record their first full-length album, Bicycles in the Moonlight, to be released later in the year.


The album title comes from the song of the same name, which describes some of Owen’s childhood memories and the nature of growing up. One such memory is riding bikes with friends on a deserted gravel road in the light of a full moon on a crisp Autumnal night.


Stony Rises’s music is Australian roots, or what Owen would call “mongrel music”. It’s a blend of roots, rock, folk, blues, psychedelic and alt country surfy twang. The music features the use of electric lap steel, weissenborn lap steel, classical and electric guitars with unusual tunings, and a solid rhythm section with groove, and atmospheric synthesizer effects.


Stony Rises features:


Murray Adams: Bass

Owen Ellemor: Vocals and guitars (electric, lap steels and classical)

Brianna Kavanagh: Keyboards, synthesizer and vocals

David Stratford: Drums