Interview with Owen Ellemor (Stony Rises) for South West Sounds


1. What inspires you to write music?

“I love making up music tunes. Writing lyrics is a way for me to express what I’m feeling or thinking about at the time. Hopefully, the music and the words connect and move the listener in some way. I like listening to songs that move me and writing music gives me that experience as well.”

2. What is your most memorable gig?

“My first public gig was supporting Melbourne songwriter David Hosking at a West Papua solidarity group fundraiser. I discovered that I could do it. Oh, and once a young man who was a stranger to me came up to me and said, “It’s great to hear songs that are about things that are real”. That was enough.”

3. Who are some of your favourite artists?

“I grew up watching CountDown, which in a small country town was my main access to music. I liked Australian rock bands. I then got in to U2 and later discovered Midnight Oil (one of the best!). I also listen to some heavy rock bands like King’s X and Living Colour. I love the songwriting of Bruce Cockburn and he’s an excellent guitarist. Other songwriters I’m drawn to are Tracy Chapman, Bob Dylan, Kev Carmody, Sarah Blasko, Ben Harper, David Hosking and Courtney Barnett. I also like Flight Of The Conchords.”

4. What is one goal you have in relation to your music?

“I have three goals. The first two have been achieved. The third one not. That goal is to get a proper festival gig.”

5. What’s your favourite food?

“Fresh tasty food.”

6. Where can people listen to your music?

“In the car, in your house, at The Loft or on the nature strip outside my house. My music project is called Stony Rises. You can access it at, Spotify,, and online stores. You can also by the album on CD at all good record stores (F-Project, Prehistoric Records Warrnambool, The Loft, and my glove box).”

South West Sounds

Stony Rises at the Oxjam gig for Oxfam fundraiser

Stony Rises adds Brianna Kavanagh to the band, adding her vocals, keyboard and synthesiser sounds.

  • Brianna Kavanagh plays synthesiser in the studio for the new album.
Stony Rises began as the three piece band Emergency Radio featuring songwriter Owen Ellemor on guitars and vocals, Murray Adams on Bass and David Stratford on Drums. At the start of recording their debut album, Brianna Kavanagh was added to the band, adding extra depth to the music, performing backing vocals, on the keyboard and synthesiser.

Owen Ellemor records final guitar solo for the new album

  • Owen on guitar and Don at the recording desk.
It’s now getting cold as the recording project progresses into winter. The Southern Right whales are nursing their young and Owen has his beanie on here in Warrnambool, as he records the final guitar solo for the new album.

Stony Rises begin recording music for their debut album

  • Murray Adams on Bass and David Stratford on drums
The band Stony Rises begins recording music, at the end of February 2017. Here we are working on our debut album, Bicycles in the Moonlight, in the studio. We record live as a three piece, getting the drum tracks sorted, over two hot weekends. Keyboard, synthesiser and backing vocals will come later.

Live at The Loft, Warrnambool

  • Performing as a three piece at The Loft in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia.
In January 2017, Stony Rises performed live at their hometown original music venue, The Loft, in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. They performed under their old band name Emergency Radio. A little piece of obscure information to remember for a trivia night in the future!

They performed an eleven song set featuring:

Silver Strings


Wake Up

Somedays I Fly

I Shall Return

By the Sun

Thinking of You

Slow Down

Bicycles in the Moonlight

Bleeding Heart

Under a Mushroom